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Follow the eight-foot-high fence: chainlink and barbed wire, skirting the building site. Just close his eyes for a second. Catch his breath. Nice doggy. It barks, lurching forward and back with every terrifying sound, spittle flying everywhere. Oh Jesus fuck. She stared up into his eyes. Looked away. Logan stepped off the lane and into the undergrowth. Zip, rummage, grimace…ahhhhh. Oh yeah…that was better. Christ knew how the bastard got planning permission. Steel wrinkled her nose at him. Steel scowled. Paid me debt to society, like. God has forgiven us.

Spoiling things for us. DI Beattie: sixteen stone of useless with a beard. For a change? Everyone swivelled around in their chairs. The sour taint of ancient cat pee. Steel wrinkled her nose. You have to admire that. Me keepers? Start your free 30 days.

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Page 1 of 1. It is always a little bit sad to consider a writer whose work I have previously enjoyed, but who seems to have lost their way or, to put it a little more brutally, to have exhausted their stock of talent. There seem to be several examples among recent crime writers. Peter Robinson went the same way.

He wrote a few perfectly serviceable novels featuring Alan Banks before suddenly hitting mid-season form with a run of five or six very strong book. Unfortunately, he too lost his grip and succumbed to simply recycling the same old set of scenarios and disputes between his now rather weary characters. The latest example I have uncovered of this sad waning of crime writing talent is Stuart MacBride. I thought that his early novels featuring Logan McRae were excellent, with a mix of very strong, gritty storylines and a set of characters that complemented each other marvellously.

His foul mouthed, chain smoking, raucous lesbian, DI Steel is one of my favourite characters from recent Scottish fiction. Unfortunately, however, MacBride has also succumbed to this malaise. This addition to the canon seemed far too formulaic. I am pretty confident that this is the last of his books on which I will squander any more of my time. Violent, bleak read with a twist at the end. Very much a page-turner. The hero is a very messed up young man trying to deal with events that happened in previous books, besides the general mess his life is in at present.

Nice the way disparate things come together near the end. Very well read as an audible book by the author. Not a bad volume in the Logan McRae series, but definitely not one of the better ones. This one slogged along for most of the book, but really picked up with the last quarter of the story. Stuart MacBride is a master at tying up his books neatly and cleanly, and this one was no exception. The problem with this one was getting there: there was simply too much going on, almost like he was trying to make it as complicated as possible before the finale.

Still, the character development and the back stories of the main characters is very compelling, and I'll be jumping into the next book very soon. This episode in the Logan McRae series is different, just as gory as the previous ones, but there is more from the point of view of others than just Logan.

And this is where it gets convuluted. The writing style is not the same, such as the repeated use of the phrase "you know what I mean? I didn't like this aspect of the writing and found it frustrating.

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The ending as usual is still left in the air for many of the story lines and you only get a very broad over view of some. But other wise the story wasn't too bad. In this, the 6th entry of the series, McRae is dealing with being passed over for promotion, and seeing an incompetent co-worker in a superior position. Being called on the carpet for having a bad team attitude, juggling too many cases, being threatened with a lawsuit for police brutality, and still having to deal with the difficult DCI Steele, who herself is not in the best of moods these days is causing him to wonder if being a policeman is worth all the aggravation.

Fast paced, humorous, and violent, this series just keeps the entertainment high and the plot rolling. After six books the reader knows the characters and can anticipate how they are going to react, but this in no way takes away from the overall enjoyment of the story. The author delivers an intricate plot with great style and verve. These books are ones that I know I can rely on for a gritty crime story that will absorb me totally, and all I can say is bring on number seven! First Line: Run. Richard Knox was a violent rapist of elderly men.

He was caught, put on trial, and convicted of his crimes. While in prison, he found God, and now that he's been released all he wants is to make a new start in a place where no one knows his past. Add Knox to a stew that contains gangsters from Edinburgh, a local crime lord, an inspector from Newcastle who wants to keep an eye on Knox, and folks from Newcastle looking for a missing mob accountant, and you can see that there's more than enough to keep McRae busy for two or three lifetimes. His problem is that he's still being jerked back and forth between two detective inspectors who can't seem to be able to live without McRae being at their beck and call every single hour of every single day.

MacBride writes edgy, violent tales with such a finely-honed dark sense of humor that I've often found myself laughing like a total nutter only a page or two after being left stunned and slightly sickened by something else. I know that makes me sound as if I'm a bit schizophrenic, but perhaps being a bit unbalanced helps you to understand what's going on once you've immersed yourself in MacBride's world. I find myself having very strong and very personal reactions to the books in this series now. Logan McRae has found himself caught between two superior officers for far too long.

At first, I found both of the superiors and I'm using the term very loosely here to be hilarious although their lack of willingness to do any real work greatly bothered me. I've gone through in the real world what McRae is going through in MacBride's fictional one. Although I did my best to find the humor in what I went through, there wasn't much to be found, and as McRae's woes keep going on a seemingly endless loop, almost every molecule of humor has been leached from the situation for me. I love the character of McRae too much to stop reading, so I'm hoping that MacBride will be kinder to him in the next book!

Despite my negative reactions I found Dark Blood to be another excellent book in this series. All the plot lines seem hopelessly tangled, and it's a miracle that McRae is able to sort out any of them at all. But MacBride reminds us that life isn't a fairy tale. Real life isn't neatly wrapped up and tied with a bow just as the last page is turned. The ending of Dark Blood may leave you as angry as it did me, but-- sadly-- what happens is far from being a new occurrence on planet Earth. My first Logan McRae novel and I was impressed; gritty realistic Aberdeen area locations, interesting albeit dysfunctional characters, novel plot lines and witty dialogue.

However not for the squeamish, although the writer doesn't dwell on those few scenes and generally treats them with humour. Recommended and I'll be looking out for the other books in the series. Standard Logan McRae fare; entertaining stuff. But dont expect any boundaries to be pushed in the Crime genre. It's easier with some of my all time favourite authors - there's a few, well not to put too fine a point on it, aren't as young as they used to be.

Stuart MacBride, on the other hand, is a young man. Last time I set eyes on him he looked to be in remarkably good health. But still, you never know. Publishers are queer folk and they may suddenly have a brain freeze, or worse still, Stuart may just get distracted by.. So I've come up with a reasonable compromise with these books which is simply "hang onto them until you can stand the suspense no longer! One of those opening pieces that make you sit up straight and pay attention.

From there the reader is launched into a world of missing informants, sawn-off sledgehammers, fake money, counterfeit goods and jewellery shop robberies. Add to the standard mayhem of Aberdeen on a normal day well a MacBride normal day anyway , and about the only thing that McRae, Steel and the entire Aberdeen command can agree on is that having one of England's most notorious sex killers "dumped" into their patch on his release from jail is just about the height of all cheek.

Which is bad enough, but a Northumbrian DSI tagging along to "keep an eye on things" is dangerously close to taking liberties. There is always something comforting about returning to a favoured series character - and Logan McRae is one of my favourite characters, although DI Steel is not above giving him a bit of a nudge. Having said that, other readers of these books will be wondering what exactly I'm sniffing if I think McRae, Steel or any of the circumstances of MacBride's books are comforting. But in a strange okay so slightly twisted way, they are comforting.

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That's not to say that things also don't move on in their lives, albeit sometimes slowly. Which needless to say doesn't go down well. Nobody could possibly have imagined it would go down so badly that DI Steel would be giving him "advice" on how to get on with others mind you. But advice she does dole out. At the same time that the impending birth of her child is making her life a lot more complicated than she thought it would As usual McRae doesn't just have to deal with Steel, DI Beattie seems to be going out of his way to behave like a prat, whilst all the time journalist Colin Miller is needling away at the police in general and McRae in particular.

The problem with an ongoing series has to be that it's sometimes too easy to slip into familiar patterns, particularly where the characters and their interactions are concerned. DI Steel is still delightfully, gloriously over the top, but she's softening just a little, impending parenthood is obviously going to have some sort of affect, but what exactly Book 6: Little Girls Lost- a good page turning thriller that kept you going for the good guys to catch the bad ones. Sparkly Sylv rated it it was amazing Aug 22, Dave rated it it was amazing Oct 09, Glenda rated it it was amazing Jun 13, Mark Morris rated it liked it Aug 29, Strickland rated it really liked it Jul 03, J M Kingston rated it it was amazing Dec 19, Nicola rated it it was amazing Sep 24, Chris rated it it was amazing Dec 20, Mrs Laura Brock rated it it was amazing Dec 10, Sharry Bates marked it as to-read Mar 26, Krystle King added it Nov 01, Sandy marked it as to-read Jan 06, Stella marked it as to-read Jul 11, Adam Smith marked it as to-read Feb 14, Maggie marked it as to-read Mar 07, Elaine Mcmullin marked it as to-read May 11, Victoria added it Jul 30, John Mense added it Aug 22, Tehila marked it as to-read Jan 23, Damian Van Der Berg is currently reading it Aug 04, Seun Emmanuel marked it as to-read Aug 11, Jemma marked it as to-read Jan 05, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

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